Brilliant Time Management

Brilliant Time Management

Brilliant Time Management
What the most productive people know, do and say

We all have different ways of handling time.
Brilliant Time Management looks at the unhelpful habits you have got into and how they waste the most precious commodity you have; and it offers you practical solutions to get more done. If you want to make the most of your time, then reading this could well be the best five hours you spend.

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The book introduces a wider audience to Mike’s simple, yet powerful and successful OATS method of time management, and provide a host of tools, techniques and advice to make it work for you.

“Brilliant time management gives a fantastic, practical and plain speaking
framework for
managing your time but is also thought provoking
beyond the day to day to help you
take control of your life.
I will be recommending to work colleagues, friends and family alike.”
Matthew Simons, Director Agency Services, Europe at Acxiom Corporation


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Part 1: The Basics of Brilliant Time Management

Chapter 1: What is your Attitude to Time?
Chapter 2: Understand how you use your Time
Chapter 3: Six Fundamentals of Brilliant Time Management
Chapter 4: Know what you are Doing things for

Part 2: Work Effectively and avoid the Pitfalls that Steal your Time

Chapter 5: How to do things Effectively
Chapter 6: Focus on Priorities to take control of your Time
Chapter 7: When to keep going and when to let go
Chapter 8: Who are you Doing things for?

Part 3: Ultimate Success in Getting Things Done

Chapter 9: Using other People to Get things Done
Chapter 10: The OATS Principle: The Ultimate Process for Brilliant Time Management
Chapter 11: The Three Things Exceptional Time Managers Do

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“If you are serious about being brilliant at time management, then
this is the book for you.  Mike is right (again) – I am a ‘stuck at must’ reader!
It seems like you wrote it just for me!  Another fantastic resource.”

Cyrus Cooper, Managing Director, Maximum Performance

This website will give you practical time management tips and techniques, updates on the book’s progress, and provides access to time management tools that you can download.  These tools are fully described in Brilliant Time Management.

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Brilliant Time Management is Mike Clayton’s fourth book and was published in early December 2010, by Pearson Education as part of their best selling “Brilliant …” series.

Brilliant Time Management will be published in Arabic and Polish.

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Mike’s follow up to Brilliant Time Management is:

The Yes/No Book by Mike ClaytonThe Yes/No Book
How to do less…  and achieve more

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